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AIC Merkur Smart Line Scan Camera

Product no.: AIC-MKR-1100-ZLS

The Merkur series is a smart line scan camera from AIC.
The smart camera has a FPGA and IP Core for the programming of the FPGA.
The Merkur line scan camera is an efficient solution for the inspection of endless
materials such as steel bands, paper webs and glass sheets, etc.
Therefore Merkur can be used for applications and industries such as:
- the printing industry
- for the production of paper,
- when producing steel sheets, as well as
- in textile production, to detect and classify flaws in the material.
For example steel sheets are used differently according to their quality. The image
processing makes it possible that the flawless parts of steel sheet is used for the bonnet
and the doors and the sheet with small flaws is used for the underbody.

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