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Allviss - The smart Assistance System

Product no.: Allviss

Assistance system Allviss
For support at various manual workstations for zero-defect production.
The assistance system displays work steps and immediately identifies errors and is thus optimally suited as an inspection system against production errors. This is feasible due to the powerful image processing software of EVT GmbH, which is used for this purpose.

Allviss is also available in different variations as Advanced or with Deep Learning.


Product for pickup or shipping by arrangement.

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Cross Hair Generator

Product no.: CHG

Crosshair generator with image processing software; EyeVision software.

The crosshair generator, comes complete with compact computer and camera with standard C-mount connection
which fits to all standard optics,
A monitor can be connected to the system via HDMI cable, which then displays the image and the
the crosshairs are displayed. For the crosshairs different options can be selected
from simple crosshairs to different lines and circles, which can be switched on and off individually.
switched on and off. The system also makes it possible to define a measuring range, if a change in brightness should
a change in brightness takes place, a signal can be triggered, so that automatic
measurements can be triggered.
There are several options that can be purchased with the crosshair generator, which makes it possible to
it is then possible to carry out measurements in the image field of the crosshairs.

Shipping is calculated individually depending on the scope and carrier and is to be borne by the buyer.

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EyeCon Profile

Product no.: EyeCon Profil

Easily inspect and control profiles with the EyeCon profile

5,150.00 *

Number Plate Reader

Product no.: NPR

Instant license plate reader based on Eyevision image processing software with AI.

Automatic recognition and reading of license plates.
Due to Deep Learning component also possible under bad conditions.
Fields of application are e.g. parking garages and traffic monitoring.

System to read license plates in small parking areas or access restrictions, and compare with a positive list and allow access.
The system is supplied completely ready for use, the Ethernet interface can be used to transmit the positive list or a valid license plate, so that the system can activate a switching output when it detects one of the license plates.
The system is designed to recognize 1 license plate per second, faster systems are optionally available.
With the recognition performance of 1 license plate per second, it is easy to implement barrier systems. Since the product is based on the EyeVision image processing software, it can be flexibly expanded with additional functions at any time.


Technical data:

Evaluation unit:

Processor: 4 Core with 1.6 GHz

Working memory: 1 GByte (optionally 4 or 8)

SSD: 32 GByte (optionally 256 GByte)

Monitor connection: HDMI

Connection: 2 x USB 3

Switching output: 1 x 24V (Optional 2 outputs and 1 input)

Camera connection: CSI

Camera resolution: 8 MPixel

Software: NP reader

Shipping will be charged individually depending on the volume and carrier and is the responsibility of the buyer.

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