About us

About us

AIC is the Distributor for Machine Vision Products

AIC was founded to be able to supply machine vision products from one source.

The products have been consistently compiled according to the principle of "Ray of Light" and are constantly being expanded and extended in each category. From lighting to optics to sensors and computers to image analysis software, we can offer you everything.

With our office in Germany, our products are distributed in Germany and neighboring countries. Our goal is to open sales offices in other countries in the medium term, until then we will serve the Western European countries and GB from Germany.

AIC was established in Romania because the costs are lower there and therefore we can offer our products to our customers at a lower price. Moreover, we have a warehouse of more than 1000 square meters there to ensure short delivery times. Thanks to the European Union, transport costs and delivery times are not higher or longer than if the products were delivered from Germany. There are also no customs formalities.

AIC will also cover the Eastern European market from Romania.

An overview of the products can be found here in our online store, if you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to ask us, maybe it is just not yet in the store but already with us or we can offer short term deals.