EyeLight Spot-Illumination

EyeLight Spot-Illumination
The LED spotlights are the perfect solution for all applications that require precise,
extremely bright and homogeneous light. The spots are particularly suitable
as a light source for lenses with coaxial light coupling.

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EyeLight HBF LED spotlight

Product no.: EL-HBF-00-08-1-X-5V

HBF series designed to replace halogen light source, spot series offer 4 type colours: red, green, blue and white. And long life time and low power consumption.

Application: in macro lenses inspection, spot light.

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EyeLight LED fiber light module

Product no.: EL-FIBX2-WP

FIBX2 series is an integrated HBF Series (Spot Light) and Controller. The integrated form provides easy installation and suitable for fiber optic illumination.

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