EyeLight Lighting Bar

EyeLight Lighting Bar
Bar-shaped light strips for direct or indirect reflected light.
The beams can be used both as direct incident light from above,
as well as indirect incident light from different angles.
When using four beams - arranged in a square - a dark field can be created.

The beam lamellas are suitable for testing fracture sites, surface inspection,
presence control, inspection of connection points, imprint control, etc.

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EyeLight LBL3 line illumination

Product no.: EL-LBL3-00-100-X-X

LBL3 series is a bar-shaped backlight where the LEDs are arranged in a dense array and shine into a diffuser.

Application: Inspection of making transparent object.

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EyeLight LSN4 line illumination

Product no.: EL-LSN4-00-75-1-X

LSN4 series consist of a lens that converges the light from an array of LED providing an intense line illumination.

This illumination is suitable for line scan camera application.

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EyeLight LBDQ multiple square illumination

Product no.: EL-LBDQ-00-050-1-X

LBDQ series is a combination of 4 light tubes to provide an even inspection. Each light tube angle can be adjusted for different height application.

Application: label inspection, character inspection, code recognition.

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