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BrainLight ring light - the intelligent illumination

Product no.: BrainLight-R-mG-65-W

The freely programmable ring light can generate any succession of lighting patterns and can be controlled via the trigger input or optionally via a RS232 interface.

Once programmed patterns – the so called „Frames“ can be saved and loaded automatically when starting.

  • Full programmable over serial interface (SPI, I²C or UART/RS232)
  • 12-24V Power Supply
  • RGBW or single color
  • Trigger input

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BrainLight Backlight - intelligent illumination

Product no.: BrainLight-QC-mG-65-W

EVT presents the new back light of the BrainLight smart illumination series. The BrainLight QC is for the industrial use and can be adjusted to almost any application.

  • LEDs in colors red, green, blue and white
  • 48 full-color LEDs arranged in a tight grid.
  • 30 x 40 mm in size 
  • input voltage of +24V
  • modularly expansible (LED rows can be added)
  • highly efficient switches to guarantee a minimale heat development
  • LEDs can be switched on row by row
  • Light sequences can be programmed
  • the light can be dimmed or work in the full brightness
  • flash mode is possible
Product data sheet
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