EyeLight dark field illumination

EyeLight dark field illumination
 In all dark field luminaires, the light is refracted on the object and scattered - only a part of the light
 reaches the camera lens.

 Horizontal and flat-angle dark-field illumination

 The horizontal and flat-angled arrangement of the LEDs allows 360-degree illumination.
 Applications include: edge inspection and verification of embossed imprints or damage and the like 
 on metal or other surfaces. Reflections are avoided.

Square and round dark field lighting

 The illumination with a light diffuse light output allows a homogenous illumination without disturbing
 reflections of the LEDs. Soft uniform and diffuse illumination on shining subjects.
 Applications include: inspection of imprints and defects, component inspection, circuit board inspection,
 position detection, marking control, etc.