VIC for D3 cameras by VR magic

Product no.: EVHD-VIC-D3-238-XX

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EVHD means EyeVision Virtual Hardware Device. An EVHD represents the link between the hardware and the EyeVision-software.

Such a link is necessary because each hardware manufacturer offers a different interface to its hardware.

VIC is the level of abstraction for image acquisition devices. VIC stands for Video Input Channel.

A running EyeVision system consists of a Basic, Standard, Professional, a VIC and an IO module. e. g. EyeVision Standard + EVHD VIC VRmagic D3 + EVHD IO PP.

EVHD VIC VRmagic D3 for special hardware integration of D3 cameras by VRmagic to the EyeVision software.

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